Frame Repair

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Superb Frame Repair Services

Your vehicle's frame is vital to its performance. It's responsible for everything from your car's suspension to minimizing the wear and tear on the rest of your vehicle, along with a whole host of other functions.

If you're having any issues with your vehicle's frame, get them straightened out today with the help of the experts at Clark Frame & Wheel Alignment. We can handle small and large jobs and utilize Chief Genesis frame measuring equipment, along with a Continental frame rack, to give your vehicle the best service possible.

Repair the Damage

If you've been in an accident, there's a good chance that your vehicle has suffered some amount of damage to its frame. Whether it's been bent or otherwise damaged, count on Clark Frame & Wheel Alignment to repair the damage and get you back on the road safely.

We use the absolute best when working on your car, truck, or SUV. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us ensure that your car's frame is not only straightened but also looks just as good as the day it rolled out of the factory. If you want to hit the road at full throttle again, make an appointment with Clark Frame & Wheel Alignment.
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"They did a fantastic repair job on my car in a very timely manner. Very high ethics; they only replaced worn parts when they easily could have replaced other parts and I would have never known. Very professional. I would very highly recommend their shop."

 -Mark K., Roseville, CA
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